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ONLINE UPS – High Frequency

A most advanced technology UPS, brings new level of efficiency and reliability in single-phase design. It is an innovative, microprocessor based, hi-frequency, active PF corrected, true online double conversion UPS with total control on harmonics at both input and output. Hi-Frequency technology specially developed for high crest factor loads, responds swiftly for changes in load ensuring superior quality power to the loads.

Online UPS High Frequency Rating Available : 1 KVA, 2 KVA & 3 KVA

Microprocessor Circuits: They analyze and control the harmonics levels at the input that may back feed into the line. Widens the input window for voltage and frequency depending on load levels and provides total protection for the inverter and booster circuits.

Active PF corrected
It boost fly - back converter with active current shaping techniques enhances. Input power factor as high as 0.98 with current harmonicslessthaI110%, thus meets stringent EMI/EMC standards like EN5009h2, a essential one for better utility of input resources with less pollution.

Intelligent Converter
Input Voltage window is extended to low as 120V, depending on load quantum, thus enables better utilization of mains power even under chronic brownout condition. Extended battery life.

Elegant Engineering
The power and hi-speed digital circuits are compartmented to unbind the design from signal integrity and thermal related problems. The entire power circuit is constructed on a separate PCB thus protects the power device failures against spurious triggering and provides highest level of power reliability.

Wide frequency
window of 46 to 54 Hz at the input ensures impeccable synchronization with Genset supply, unlike legacy UPS thus prevents unnecessary battery discharge on Generator supply.

Self. Diagnostic
A unique self. Diagnostic feature during startup reconfirms the stability of power and drive circuits by simulating fault conditions like utility failure over temperature and thus ensures uninterrupted power during operation

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Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizers SVS, Automatic Voltage Regulators / Stabilizers, IGBT based Online UPS   (Single/Three Phase), Sine Wave Online Ups (Single / Three Phase), Automatic and Manual Voltage Stabilizers/Regulators, Constant Voltage Transformers – CVT, Ferro Resonant Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Auto Transformers, Step Up Down Transformers, Line Interactive – Offline UPS, Ups with External Battery, Power Inverters, DC – AC Converters, Telecom Transformers, Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Products, Dimmerstat / Variable Test Panel, Variable Auto Transformers (Variacs)

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