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As a part of our engineering and manufacturing services, we assist our customers in customizing scheduling, packaging, shipping, billing, and communication practices to meet their specific inventory management, product handling, and delivery requirements. We strive to provide a level of quality and service that enables our customers to be leaders in their respective markets. We are proud to be the only transformer company our customers need.

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With the support of our team of qualified professionals, we have manufactured and delivered high-quality transformers that meet market and customer requirements

  • Step up Isolation Transformer
  • Step Down Isolation Transformer
  • 1 Phase Isolation Transformer
  • 3 Phase Isolation Transformer
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The 3 phase isolation transformers were successfully delivered by Purevolt without any delays. The packaging and shipping of the products were excellent. Their team communication was excellent. Great job!!!

- Joy from Nigeria

I was hesitant to ask about technical specifications when I was speaking with their team. However, after viewing their online Zoom demonstration, I decided to purchase. Their presentation was excellent, and everything was explained clearly. I decided to work with them. Ordering a custom step down isolation transformer was the right decision. The product was delivered without any issues. Excellent customer service and on-time delivery.

- Iqbal from Saudi Arabia

Sumit and his team have done a remarkable job. They delivered the products on time and the quality of the single-phase isolation transformer was exceptional. The technical team in my company has double-checked everything to ensure that we are using the right product, and yes, we have obtained the best product on the market. Well done!

- Rohit from Gurgaon, India
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Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer is one whose input windings and output windings are electrically isolated, permitting its use in transforming alternating current (AC) electrical power from one side to the other while avoiding accidental contact with charged objects.

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Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizers SVS, Automatic Voltage Regulators / Stabilizers, IGBT based Online UPS (Single/Three Phase), Sine Wave Online Ups (Single / Three Phase), Automatic and Manual Voltage Stabilizers/Regulators, Constant Voltage Transformers – CVT, Ferro Resonant Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Auto Transformers, Step Up Down Transformers, Line Interactive – Offline UPS, Ups with External Battery, Power Inverters, DC – AC Converters, Telecom Transformers, Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Products, Dimmerstat / Variable Test Panel, Variable Auto Transformers (Variacs)