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Type of Online UPS

We at Purevolt provide our customers with a minimum UPS price in India, which allows them to easily afford the service without having to worry about their budgets. It is also known as an uninterruptible power supply online (UPS). As the name indicates, the power in the appliances remains unchanged during a power outage. Therefore, the appliances will continue to function normally. Since there is no switch over time during load shedding, online UPS systems are recommended for use with critical appliances and devices like ultrasound machines, ATMs, banks, etc. load shedding. There are primarily three types of online UPS systems:

  • Single Phase In - Single Phase-Out
  • Three Phase In - Single Phase-Out
  • Three Phase In - Three Phase-Out

As a result, you can select the Online UPS according to the application's needs and its electric connection. Our Online UPS are available in capacities ranging from 1KVA to 500KVA. You can also choose the correct UPS capacity based on the power requirements of your devices and applications.

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We have ordered some Online UPS units for our factory to maintain electrical stability for our appliances. My verdict is that the products were of excellent quality, the team support was excellent, and the pricing was very reasonable. I recommend Purevolt India highly. Congratulations to the team.

- Dev from Gurgaon, India

Our office has been supplied with online UPS systems with SMF batteries by Purevolt India, and the system has been functioning without interruption since the date of installation. The team has done a marvellous job delivering high-quality UPS. UPS has been used for more than seven months without any problems. Excellent work by the team.

- Steve from Zimbabwe

We use Purevolt India online UPS systems for our research and development facility located in London. The quality of the product was satisfactory, it met our requirements, and it was delivered on time, as promised by the team. I am very pleased with the product's quality.

- Remi from London
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Online UPS

Offline UPSs provide direct AC mains power to the load if the mains supply is present. When there are insufficient power supplies, it immediately switches to the inverter to provide power until the main supply is restored. Off-line UPS power supplies are ideal for normal operation since they do not monitor incoming voltage and are therefore not convenient for all networking systems.
Online UPS are different from Offline UPS in that their inverters are always connected to the battery, thereby avoiding the need for a power switch. The inverter automatically disconnects from the circuit in the event of a power failure, ensuring that the battery maintains an uninterrupted supply of power. In the event of a power outage, the inverter kicks in and continues supplying power and charging the battery.

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Advantages of Online UPS:

In comparison with other types of UPS, the most advantageous characteristic of an Online UPS is its ability to create an electrical firewall" between the power incoming from the utility and sensitive electronic equipment.

1. UPS systems provide isolation between the main supply and the load.

2. Inverters are always on, which ensures that voltage at the load is free of distortion.

3. All disturbances of the supply will not be seen in the output, such as blackouts, brownouts, spikes, etc.

4. The voltage regulation will be improved.

5. The inverter is always on, therefore the transfer time is practically zero.

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