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Are you looking for a leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India? Purevolt products Servo stabilizers are the leading manufacturers and exporters of power conditioning electrical products like Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Controller, voltage regulators, Isolation transformers, Step Down Transformer, Online UPS, Sine Wave Inverters , Variable auto transformers and much more. Purevolt is the best servo stabilizer manufacturer in Delhi. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of Voltage Stabilizers , Sine Wave Inverters, and Step Down Isolation Transformers, which they supply throughout the country and internationally. All our servo voltage stabilizers and voltage regulators are widely used in saving your sensitive electrical equipment from getting spoilt because of voltage fluctuations, spikes, surges, blackouts and other such mishaps. Please scroll down to know about the components used in manufacturing of servo stabilizer, unique features of servo voltage stabilizer and various fields of applications of servo voltage stabilizer.

Servo Stabilizer manufacturer, Purevolt India are also major exporter of DSP-based Sine Wave Inverters and Solar Inverters. Our Sine Wave Inverters have impressed countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen and the Middle East, South Africa, and Kenya.

Purevolt India has over 25 years of industry experience in the field of Power conditioning Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of Servo Voltage Stabilisers & Isolation Transformers in India. Servo Stabilizer manufacturer, Purevolt India has now gained a strong reputation of providing one-stop solutions to suit various applications, which is primarily because of our in-depth product knowledge and a commitment to understand customer needs and preferences. The servo stabilizer manufacturer is motivated by innovations and upcoming technologies and regularly uses them in its electrical conditioning equipment. Hence there is a constant effort to enhance the existing servo stabilizers , transformer and that results in our huge portfolio of satisfied customers.

Branded Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer From New Delhi, India.

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Different Types And Models Of
Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer

Dry type design of servo stabilizer
Ratings : (1 kVA to 200 KVA)

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer

Oil Cooled model of servo stabilizer
Ratings : (15 kVA to 2500 KVA)

Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

Suitable for smaller ratings of servo stabilizer.
Ratings : ( 1 KVA to 20 KVA)

Three Phase Servo Stabilizer

Suitable for use with varied applications.
Ratings : ( 10 KVA to 2500KVA)

Other Products By
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer - Purevolt

Variable Auto Transformer

To manually adjust voltages for testing purpose.
Rating : 6 Amps 1200 Amps

Isolation Transformer

Used to eliminate Line Noise’s & Surges.
Ratings : 1 KVA to 1000 KVA


Step Down transformer

To convert 220 V to 110 V.
Ratings : 1 KVA to 250 KVA

Automatic Voltage Regulator

It’s a device to control voltage fluctuation.
Rating : 1 KVA to 2000 KVA


Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer - Purevolt India is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Servo type stabilizers and voltage regulators. Whenever you decide to buy servo stabilizer, think of Purevolt. They are one of the best servo stabilizer manufacturer India has. Their voltage regulators, Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Inverters, and Ultra Isolation Transformers, Automatic Voltage Controller, voltage regulators, Isolation transformers, Online UPS are one of the finest in the country. We have more than two decade’s of experience in the manufacturing and exporting stabilizers, regulators, and transformers. We have gained a reputation amongst our clients for:

  • ISO 9001-2015 certification
  • NABL lab approved servo voltage stabilizers.
  • SONCAP certification for Nigerian customers
  • Strict and regular quality checks.
  • High Customer Retention Rate and Repeat customers.

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Servo Voltage Stabilizers

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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Main Components of Servo Voltage Stabilizer
  • Variac /Dimmer ( Variable Auto Transformer)
  • High Quality Graphite Carbon Brushes.
  • AC Synchronous Servo Motor with RC Network .
  • Buck and Boost Transformer (Series Transformer)
  • AC Contactor or Relay’s for Tripping / Cutoff.
  • MCB / MCCB for overload / short circuit protection.
  • Control PCB – the heart of servo stabilizers

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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer?

With a strong domestic and international exposure in power conditioning equipment, Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer - Purevolt India have become the pioneers of servo voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators and transformers. Installations of these Servo Voltage Stabilizers have become the need for every household. They have changed the way we look at electronic and electrical devices globally. Automatic, fully equipped with the latest technology, and intelligent, these servo voltage stabilizers and voltage regulators allow the users to adjust to the voltage requirements and increase the efficacy of the devices. They provide a constant voltage output to a load at its output terminals irrespective of a fluctuation in the incoming supply. Few of our core values are as under :


Purevolt voltage stabilizers is known for his high rate of clients Satisfaction across the world. We have satisfied clients in over 30 countries. Being the best servo stabilizer manufacturer in India, we advice our clients in the most transparent way and help them choose the right servo voltage stabilizer as per their needs.


“Quality comes over quantity”. We are known for our quality and reliability and that’s the reason we export our servo voltage stabilizers to several MNC’s & Govt. organizations. Our Products undergoes several pre dispatch and routine inspection tests during the course of manufacturing.


We have more than 20 years’ experience in exporting servo voltage stabilizers and voltage regulators. We have exported up to 1500 KVA Servo Stabilizer. We have dealers and resellers in African and Arab Countries. We aim to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of servo voltage stabilizer from India.



We are a ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company and manufacturers and exporters of voltage servo stabilizers. they are tested from NABL approved labs and have been inspected through agencies like SGS, Intertek , AERF, ETDC, Cotechna.




Countries Where
Servo Voltage Stabilizer are regularly exporting ?

It is because of our expertise in servo voltage stabilizers, we export to different countries like Australia, South Africa, Latin America, Mauritius , Indonesia, Thailand , Fiji island, Papua New Guinea, Kazakhstan, Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria , Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique , Malawi , Zambia , Sri Lanka, Israel , Jordan, Kuwait , Bangladesh , Zimbabwe , Egypt, Sudan.

Guide To Select
Servo Voltage Stabilizer

1st step is to check whether we need a 1 phase or 3 phase servo stabilizer, as a thumb rule if we have 3 phase electricity connection we require 3 phase servo stabilizer and vice versa.

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