Servo Voltage Stabilizers are an important part of an electrical supply system that prevents damages and electrical hazards by controlling voltage fluctuations. Electrical current supplied directly from the power/hydroelectric stations/ step down transformers often have huge loads, and can fluctuate rapidly. If such fluctuating current is fed to a machine or an appliance, it may cause an overload or create short circuit rendering the appliance useless for further use.

By using a Servo Stabilizer, the voltage fluctuations are controlled efficiently and thus protect the expensive machineries used in production. Today let us look at the industries that invest in a servo stabilizer for safety and long life of electrical appliances/equipment.

Hospitals and Medical Equipment

A hospital is a critical area that uses delicate machines for various life-saving purposes. Such appliances often work at a prescribed voltage limit and have very little tolerance to electrical fluctuations. Servo stabilizers are therefore important equipment that prevents the overloading of delicate medical instruments and machinery like CT Scanning machines, MRIs, etc. by controlling the incoming voltage and proves to be a good investment in the long run.

CNC machines

CNC machines are calibrated for utmost precision and are a part of time-basedmanufacturing processes. Moreover, they involve delicate circuitry thatcan get damaged due to voltage fluctuations. Investing in a servo stabilizer can be the best way to prevent to electrical damage to CNC machines and ensure long life.

Packaging industry

Similar to CNC machines, the packaging industry also uses big machineries, conveyor belts and other systems that use electricity on a large scale. Such systems are often automated and if a single component in the process halts, the entire production line may get affected. One of the reasons for such a break is usually due to the fluctuations in voltages; using a servo stabilizer in such an industry is one major factor that can cut losses as well as ensure safety from electrical hazards and also keeping the machinery running in good condition.


The machines used in textiles often use a three-phase supply line; such an electrical connection experiences voltage fluctuations on a regular basis. To prevent any damages to the electrical equipments, a servo stabilizer is used to arrest these fluctuations so that the machines function without any technical issues like overloading.

Purevolt Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

We have given a glimpse of how a servo stabilizer serves as a protective element to expensive machinery and adds value to a business. Apart from the above-mentionedindustries, servo stabilizers are used in MSMEs, SMEs, and also residential areas making it an all-round electrical appliance that we can rely on to keep our businesses running without any electrical hazards.

Purevolt is a brand known for its cost-effective electrical appliances that include servo stabilizers and comes recommended by many industries in India as well as abroad. Purevolt Servo Stabilizers have been in service for the past few decades and has been instrumental in providing an affordable safety solution for the industrial and residential applications.

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