Reputation / Brand :

Make sure to contact the direct manufacturer of servo voltage stabilizer so you get the right product at right price. We are offering best prices of Servo Voltage Stabilizer to our dealers & distributors. Check for supplier websites and study their credentials, Factory locations, client list in detail. Make sure that the servo manufacturer is established in reputed industrial area like Okhla Industrial Area and that they are not operating for residential areas or some remote locations

Single Phase or Three Phase:

The 1st Step is to check whether we want a Single Phase or Three Phase Servo stabilizer. This can be determined by way of your electrical grid connection. If you have 1 phase grid connection then you require 1 phase voltage controller, if you have 3 phase then you need 3 phase servo voltage stabilizer.

KVA Rating of Servo Stabilizer:

The next step is to determine what size of servo voltage stabilizer is required by you. This can be determined by measuring your total load in amps after you have switched on your full load. Alternatively you can make a list of all your appliances, machinery and note their KVA ratings and then add the total KVA for all the machines together. You can take help of purevolt and we will be happy to help you decide the same. Purevolt can supply these servo stabilizers from 1 KVA to 2000 KVA.

Input Voltage Range:

This is the most critical part, these servo stabilizer works in dedicated input voltage ranges. Some of the standard ranges are 340 – 480 V AC, 300 – 460 V AC , 240 – 480 V AC , 190 – 480 V AC etc. by input voltage we mean the band in which servo stabilizer is expected to boost or buck the voltage and maintain the output voltage as per our desired requirements. So we must make sure to have the data for Low and High Voltage conditions at site and then get the servo stabilizer designed accordingly.

Output Voltage :

Normally the Standard output voltage range is between 380 to 415 V AC, Some machines require 380 V , some require 400 V and Some may require 415 V . the optimal setting is 400 V and can be customized as per customer requirements. Our servo stabilizers have the facility to adjust the output voltages between 380 – 415 V AC.

Unbalanced Type / Balanced Type :

If you have a balanced load and balanced input supply then you should go for balanced type servo stabilizer. If you operate in conditions where the load is undivided / unbalanced and even the incoming supply is highly unpredictable then you should opt for unbalanced type servo stabilizers. Normally unbalanced type voltage regulators are the best bet and mostly used by industries.

Maintenance :

Make Sure that you are buying servo stabilizer which had been designed keeping in mind the ease of maintenance and offers easy repairs. We at Purevolt manufacture servo stabilizer with plug and play control cards and easy replacements of parts. So even a simple electrician is able to do the maintenance.

Export Markets :

If the manufacturer is exporting their servo stabilizers to various countries, it automatically builds their reputation as there products are working in different countries in various different environments. Also the manufacturer becomes more reliable because of its products performing and selling in different countries.